Dover Band Program

Dover, OH

2018-2019 Marching Band Leadership

Zoe Korns, President

Angelina Booher, Vice-President

Bradley Gigax, Secretary

Cole Senter, Historian

(Section Leaders listed alphabetically)

Jordon Rutlin, drum major

Chloe Contini, head majorette

Frankie Arbogast and Hannah Wells, piccolo section leaders

Madison Ladrach and Brittany Schlabach, clarinet section leaders

Angelina Booher and Sam Worst, alto saxophone section leaders

Nathan Short, tenor saxophone section leader

Zoe Korns and Logan Page, trumpet section leaders

Will Haverfield and Sara Hohman, mellophone section leaders

Bradley Gigax and Justin Peters, trombone/baritone section leaders

Stefanie Miller, sousaphone section leader

Ryan Kaser and David Maxwell, percussion section leaders

Cymbals (listed alphabetically)

Ryan Arnold

Camden Cua

Zoie Grimwood

Noah Karns

Talon Lahm

Travis Poole

Cole Wallace

Quints (listed alphabetically)

Ian Bleininger

David Finnell​

Brock Pettay

Danny Pilcher

2018-2019 Marching Drumline

Snare Drums (listed alphabetically)

Leigh Arbogast

Theron Edie

Mazzy Fitzgerald

Makayla Haver

Ryan Kaser

David Maxwell

Logan Miller

Coleman Mowrer

Bass Drums (smallest bass-largest bass)

Abby Barnhart

Sam Hitchcock

Emily Summerson

Zander Milburn

Nathan Ruggeri

Collin Swartzwelder

Brandon Sheneman

Cole Senter

Lyrics to Dover’s Original Fight Songs

​Words/Music by L.H. Alexander

Crimson Tornado -- Blow! blow! blow!
Crimson Tornado -- Go! go! go!
Right through the line.
Gain every time.
Let us remind you, we're all behind you.
Crimson Tornado -- treat them rough!
Come on old Dover, let's get tough!
We'll win tonight
Fight team let's fight!
Crimson Tornado go!

Words/Music by Dr. Frank R. Caputo

Fight on! Tornadoes! Victory is in sight;
Onward, let's go!
We'll do the best - Fight with all our might.
Before the battle is over, we shall conquer all;
So we should stand,
Let our voices ring for dear old Dover High!

Original Verse:
March on! Dover High! In all we do let's lead the way;
We're brave and true to the school we love,
And for our Alma Mater fight.
Oh, hail the Crimson and the Grey!
Let's keep those colors flying high,
Then give a cheer as we go into victory!
Dover High goes marching on!