Dover Band Program

Dover, OH

2017-2018 Band Council

2017-2018 Senior Class

Lyrics to Dover’s Original Fight Songs

​Words/Music by L.H. Alexander

Crimson Tornado -- Blow! blow! blow!
Crimson Tornado -- Go! go! go!
Right through the line.
Gain every time.
Let us remind you, we're all behind you.
Crimson Tornado -- treat them rough!
Come on old Dover, let's get tough!
We'll win tonight
Fight team let's fight!
Crimson Tornado go!

Words/Music by Dr. Frank R. Caputo

Fight on! Tornadoes! Victory is in sight;
Onward, let's go!
We'll do the best - Fight with all our might.
Before the battle is over, we shall conquer all;
So we should stand,
Let our voices ring for dear old Dover High!

Original Verse:
March on! Dover High! In all we do let's lead the way;
We're brave and true to the school we love,
And for our Alma Mater fight.
Oh, hail the Crimson and the Grey!
Let's keep those colors flying high,
Then give a cheer as we go into victory!
Dover High goes marching on!